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LarrainVial successfully completes its first online Andean Conference

For the first time since it was started 14 years ago, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, LarrainVial’s Andean Conference, one of the most important events in Latin American capital markets, was held online between August 31 and September 4, 2020.

The conference, which brings top executives from companies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru together with institutional investors from all over the world, was attended online by over 120 companies and more than 280 investor representatives from 15 countries, from regions as diverse as the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Thanks to the use of digital platforms, over 2,300 virtual meetings were held between top company executives and investors.

In addition, participants were able to attend ten discussion panels led by authorities, experts, and preeminent executives from leading companies in the region. These panels addressed many of the matters key to understanding the economic situation in Latin America, and thus to making better investment decisions in the region.

The investors who attended highlighted the conference’s value as a way to efficiently familiarize themselves with what is happening in the region, in addition to the high quality of the panel presenters and the presence of distinguished company executives.

Andrés Trivelli, partner of LarrainVial and CEO of LarrainVial Corredora de Bolsa, commented: “I hope we have broadened attendees’ knowledge of the discussion around subjects that are important for Latin American economies and markets, and that this will allow them to make more informed investment decisions.”

The panels included in LarrainVial’s 14th Annual Conference were the following:

-         Chile's Potential New Constitution: Risks of the Constituent Itinerary, with Javier Couso and Sergio Verdugo, lawyers and constitutional experts.

-         Transport & Logistics: Point of View of Two Companies that Make it Happen, with Óscar Hasbún, CEO Vapores and Chairman of SAAM; and Olivier Paccot, CEO of Blue Express.

-        Retail and Real Estate in the Post Pandemic Era, with Enrique Ostalé, Walmart Director; and Álvaro Jalaff, CEO of Grupo Patio.

-        Chilean Pension Funds Industry: The Future of the Individual Capitalization System and AFPs, with Cristián Rodríguez, Chairman of AFP Hábitat; and Rodrigo Valdés, Former Treasury Minister of Chile.

-          Utilities: How Green Will They Become? with Eduardo Milligan, CFO of Engie; Ricardo Roizen, CFO of AES Gener; Giuseppe Turchiarelli, CFO of Enel Chile; and Sebastián Moraga, CFO of Colbún.

-         Argentina: What is the Next Chapter? with Nicolás Dujovne, Former Finance Minister, with Andrew Cummins, CIO of Explorador; and Claudio Maulhardt, Partner of Copérnico.

-      Andean Banking Industry: The Role of Banks in an Unprecedented Pandemic, with Diego Solano, CFO of Grupo Aval; Walter Bayly, CEO of BCP & CEO of Credicorp; and Pablo Granifo, Chairman of Banco de Chile.

-          Pacific Alliance Central Bank Governors, with Mario Marcel, Governor of the Central Bank of Chile, with Julio Velarde, Governor of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru; Juan José Echavarría, Governor of the Central Bank of Colombia; and Alejandro Díaz de León Carrillo, Governor of the Bank of Mexico.

-         Will the Pandemic Accelerate or Delay Latin America’s ESG Agenda? with Ashok Parameswaran, Founder of EM Investors Alliance; Nadine Cavusoglu, Head of Private Sector Programs, EM Investors Alliance; Ric Marshall, Executive Director of MSCI ESG Research; Marshall Stocker, Director of Country Research & PM, Eaton Vance Mgmt.; Marcelo Estevao, Global Director MTI, World Bank Group.

-          Copper Market Outlook: Prices and Future Development of the Industry, with Iván Arriagada, CEO of Antofagasta Minerals; and Jorge Gómez, CEO of Collahuasi.


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