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Solvency Ratings

LarrainVial Corredora de Bolsa and LarrainVial Asset Management, companies of LarrainVial Holding, are voluntarily submitted to evaluation and classification of their solvency, practices and procedures by credit rating agencies, on a local and international level.

  • LarrainVial Corredora de Bolsa has solvency ratings from local (Humphreys and Feller Rate) and international agents (Standard & Poor’s).
  • LarrainVial Asset Management is the only Chilean fund manager and one of five in South America that has the highest classification from Standard & Poor’s , AMP-1 (Very Strong), regarding its management of third-party resources.

Solvency ratings by local and international agencies

Standard & Poor’s LarrainVial Corredora de Bolsa
Negative Outlook
LarrainVial Asset Management
AMP-1 Very Strong
Feller Rate LarrainVial Corredora de Bolsa AA- Stable Outlook
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