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LarrainVial Estrategia

Independent team dedicated to analysis and recommendations.

This team provides analysis, advice and investment strategies to LarrainVial’s wealth managers. Larrainvial Estrategia, consisting of 14 professionals, makes recommendations based on economic and/or financial models to detect current market opportunities, which are then analyzed and approved on a weekly basis by an investment committee.

LarrainVial Estrategia analyzes and recommends a wide variety of products for our clients, giving them access to diverse strategies and leading managers on a global scale. We work with an open architecture approach, having access to the best asset management companies in the world for both passive and active investment strategies.


Stock monitoring and assets analysis

  • Chilean:
    Equities, Fixed, Income, and Private Equity.
  • International:
    Equities, Fixed, Income, Private Equity, and Structured Notes.

Product committe monitoring and analysis

  • Ensures necessary standards are met to be able to invest in various funds or structured notes, among other products.

Asset selection committee

  • Global Asset Allocation Committe.
  • Chilean and International Fixed Income committees

Asset selection

  • Asset picking for recommended portfolio, and follow-up of goals

Communication to investors

  • Asset recommendation in accordance with investor profile.
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